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Maleficent becomes angry and in a way turns into the wicked witch of sleeping beauty fame and she puts a spell on the daughter of the man who betrayed her, the newly crowned king. The daughter will fall into an eternal sleep on her 16th birthday. As an act of “mercy” and as a result of begging by the king, she adds that the way to wake her up would be by a kiss of true love.

Well, both Maleficent and the king know that there is no such thing as true love especially after the king had betrayed her, so there was no way to wake up the princess.

Maleficent watches over the princess and becomes her fairy god mother,
almost her mother.

And so on her 16th birthday, despite attempts to safeguard her, the princess falls into a deep sleep. Maleficent delivers a prince who loves the princess, so called “love at first sight and he kisses her, but she does not wake up. “You are not doing it right”, he was told. Personally I was not aware that there is a kissing school, but sign me up for lessons.

Anyway Maleficent comes to the bed of the princess and pours her heart out, as any mother would and then kisses her on the forehead. You guessed it, the princess woke up. Well, what happened? It turns out that the only true love is that of a mother! Or maybe the family dog?

I never want to impose my religious beliefs on anyone, and I find it very intereting to read the viewpoints of others. However, I will quibble with one statement: "a virgin bride is an ignorant bride." That assumes that she has had no sexual experience at all. I often tell my daughter that there is a LOT that young people in love can do that is of a sexual nature without actually having intercourse. In fact, it is the emphasis on those kinds of "foreplay" activities that often help a girl understand how she best reaches orgasm and how to please a young man with her hands or mouth...sometimes jumping right into intercourse bypasses those lovely first, second, and third bases! Obviously, not all Christians take such a liberal view of petting before marriage, but we do...and besides, a long, committed marriage is one night after another in which to learn and grow and have tremendous fun! Charlotte