I just read your blog on why you should not show emotion. Ive come to realize i am very similar to you. I usually do not show my emotions to girls and as a result they begin to like me. Girls also tell me i am intimidating and they cant read me. I have had girls actually tell my friends that they want to have sex with me. However, i can see how this would work in a low energy environment, like your house. But at night when the energy is high and there is competition between all the guys, this does not seem to work for me. I feel like i need to 'act' drunker, laugh and talk louder, in order to keep a conversation. Is this true, or am i just imagining things. Should i be relaxed and emotionless while approaching at night?

I've also found that being this introverted, hard-to-read guy around my male friends makes me come across as cocky and douchey. Lately, i've acted more outgoing and louder around my guy friends and ive noticed that my friendships have become stronger. What do you recommend?

PS. Your blogs are filled with great info and they are a good read. Thanks

High energy group dynamics are different from one on one dynamics. By far, not showing emotion has worked moreso than being all exciting and loud when it comes to talking to a girl one on one. When it comes to high energy groups, I turn into an extroverted guy. However, when I have a girl alone, or one on one, I revert to my emotionless self. As for your guy friends, if they don't like who you are, then that's their problem. Find new friends that actually like you.