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110Wudang May 22, 2012 at 2:37 pm

“The more a woman uses hard, sharp and demanding phrasing combined with stereotypical “bitchy” tones, the more men will dismiss her.

The best way to talk to a man is to use a soft, small voice, be emotionally vulnerable to disarm his armor, and penetrate his armor with sweetness and kindness. That is the most brutal combination of attacks that render most men virtually defenseless. Don’t be shrill, don’t be melodramatic, don’t be loud, and don’t be bitchy. Instead, be feminine.”

Very good advice!

One of my favourite blogs is the sanctuary. She is a great example of girl game in the way she writes in a feminine way with very little sharp edges yet is extremely persuasive. For me her writing is attraction generating. If I met a girl that wrote like that or talked in an analogous way that would be a major pluss.

111Herb May 22, 2012 at 2:41 pm

I always offer to pay half and I think all women should, it’s common courtesy (although I’ve never experienced a man not insisting to pay I might add).

With a quality woman most men are happy to pay more often than not. However, in this day and age of entitled princesses raised on grrl power and you can have it all, men have to suspect you’re using them for a free meal (that Match.com whore who wrote about her and her friends doing just that on the Internet didn’t help your case, but she’s just the latest). Offering to pay does more to tell him, “I’m not a princess” than a loop saying, “she’s not a princess” could ever do”.

My current gf insisted on alternating for a long time. It wasn’t until she realized my performance bonus for last year was more than she made last year that she let me pay 2 out of 3. Anymore I’d be happy to just pay but the fact she pretty much holds it to 2 out of 3 (admittedly letting me pick up the larger ones usually) does a lot to signal value.

I’m afraid I’m old-fashioned with the asking-out dance. I wait for a man’s initiative to ask me out, always, and even initiate contact or contacting me just to ask how I am. I always respond positively though and get back to him within reasonable time.