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OKCupid! >> I would be interested in seeing a demographic breakdown of your analysis. How do these communication trends vary by states / cities, age groups, education level, income, children and looks (height, body type).
I suspect this breakdown will likely unearth the drivers for the patterns you see here.
1. Joseph Bolden says:
April 19, 2010 at 7:00 pm
I recently left a new social site that starts with a Z.
its has a younger group-I’m an older black guy.
Anyway after placing my photo on the Z’s site I let it go for awhile.
Then one of the women replied with a two middle fingered salute.
(Meaning I’m not her cup of tea in looks)
For along time after this I thought. I was being honest placing my photo
online for all to see and I get a negative response for my troubles.
I guess being slighly older is the thing. That I had nerve enough to place
my ugly mug on the new site. But she could’ve not responded to my pic
at all but I she wanted more than just to hurtful.
I responded by having friends on another site defend me and decided it was
best to got to a truly adult site with names like (buddies, bang, and what is
as popular overly ample women’s body magazine.)
Eventually I unsubscribed (wasan’t paying money so I was insulted for free.