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So anyway, when it came to the first approach which we did at the stationary corner, I was feeling a trillion conflicting emotions at once. But after much encouragement, hide and the rest managed to help me push past this and approach a gal at the stationary corner. I managed to strike up a conversation – getting her opinion on which of two pretty cool notebooks I was holding to get for my sister. The instructors role ( and what your paying for really ) here was to guide me through these initial steps and correct my mistakes after each approach – body language, nervousness, eye contact etc. It took me a few sets (and quite a long time to be honest Razz) to finally realize by talking random strangers on the street wasn’t as suicidal as I thought.

juno approaches a beautiful woman at the stationery department.
juno approaches a beautiful woman at the stationery department.

For the sake of your reading pleasure, I decided not to write about all the sets but talk about one or two of them. In my fourth set, I managed to get someone to recommend me Macbeth but I didn’t really know how to follow up. In the words of my instructors I blew myself out. This kinda repeated itself throughout the day for most of my sets and is something I desperately need to work on. To be honest though, I was glad I just got over my AA Very Happy The journey of a million miles begins with a single step is what I like to think.

Around the fifth or sixth set, I managed to get one of them to recommend me a Fengsui book. Despite blowing myself out and not showing enough interest – something interesting happened. The person next to her started talking to us and recommending me books! Monster told me later that someone else also opened us but my mind is really blurry about this. IF theres anything to take away from this, its that people enjoy talking and helping others and stop shitting yourself in the pants when you approach people.