Thanks to J I is NOT 100% about peckingorder..or alpha, beta, gamma, delta, lambda, zeta, whatever.....A whole lot of women have really strong character...character stronger than than what most men have...If you have fought cancer, as my mom did, you are one of these women.

I think think that naive women, and men are much more prone to the biological influences that make this alpha male/alpha female dynamic so attractive...I could get spiritual, and I think I'd be right in doing so, and say that life experience, joy and pain, is what allows us to break way from our evolutionary nature.

BUT.....At a baseline level the majority of people are still swayed by these relics of old..these archetypes....The strong sexy guy who can make strong sexy kids...the strong, righteous, nice guy who can provide for the lady and the kids...the "all in one" guy who has genes of steel and a heart of gold the sexy loving lady who can "make" a kid who will be successful in the world...

All of these things come in to play...In the past 2000 or so years the West has become increasingly femininized, that is to say men acting like "nice guys". Ask most women and they will say they want this, and they do on some level. And for many women of strong character, this is truly what they want, but in reality what most women want is to be provided for on the one hand, and to be able to "congregate" sexually with high status males...preferably with no one knowing...The ultimate dream of many women is to have both the provider and lover in one person, and sadly, society decided long ago not to train men to achieve this.