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Paeria Loveawake

  • “So what do you think about a guy who’s currently a a loser now, but say: “I’m a loser but if I just resign myself and settle for what I can get, that’s resigning myself to fate. I want to work harder and see what I can *really* get from life!” and resolves to become the kind of man that is worthy of a beautiful lady?”
That he’s unlike a lot of my male friends who feel entitled to their hot girl& want certain women to give them a chance & unlike my female friends who feel entitled to their prince despite not having the traits that make a girl a princess (being a high maintenance b*tch is not one).

I’m all for personal development and realizing your flaws however if this is done just to attain beauty you might as well turn to pua/gaming.

Everyone wants a partner they are attracted to but when appreciating attractiveness (liking it) becomes admiring (valuing it) it there tends to be problems.

That settle for what I can get & worthy of a beautiful lady disappoints me though.

What is settling to you is it being with a girl as equally attractive as you settling as is the case of my male friends?

By being worthy do you only look to fix character issues & not appearance ones? Girls are less visual not blind & willing to compromise on looks when you have at least 70% of what they want.

143Craven Moorehead May 15, 2011 at 1:04 pm

“I don’t seek financial security from a mate but rather emotional security. I have enough savings, modeling money, pageant money, and freelance money to support myself & any kids I adopt/in vitro.”
Dear, really?? Did you know the Playmate of the year only receives 100k?? You have enough “savings” for everyone? From pageants???? What would a pageant pay, for example, in Toledo Ohio? First place $400? Or is that on the high side?
Modeling? The lowest paid occupation on the planet, right next to musicians and actors. So, you’re set for life from county pageants and Sears catalog? Good luck with that.

144Sam F May 15, 2011 at 1:46 pm