The shot blasting machine is equipment that is specially designed and produced for individual customer requirements. the Shot blasting machine is used for cleaning structure steel that completely blasts the original shape steel parts to remove the surface rust, welding slag, and scale, corrosion inhibition effect, and making it show a uniform metal color with improved coating quality. The shot blasting equipment is composed of a former blasting chamber, roller conveyor mechanism shell cycle apparatus, dust collector system, maintenance schedules, and electrical control system elements.

A shot blasting cabinet is a closed-form of a shot blasting machine that has a cabinet. Blasting of impurities and recycling of shot blasting machine grit takes place in that enclosed area. Cleaning, recycling, and dust particle collecting are just a few of the various functions that are incorporated. There is a window in this shot blasting cabinet through which the operator can observe what is happening in the operation, as well as an opening door through which the blasting material or blasting surface is placed within the cabinet.

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