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There was a survey taken a few years ago that I wish that I could quote the exact statistics. But, since I can't, let me give the gist of the survey.

It asked men to choose the woman with the sexiest legs. Some voted for a particular movie star. Others a singer or other entertainer. But, what surpised the surveyors the most was that a large percentage of the men said, “My wife!”

In an intimate relationship, from many men's perspective, it is the availability of his mate, her openness to him, and her attitude toward him that draws him in and keeps him coming back for more.

As we age, our bodies show the effect of time and wear and tear. But, as is often said, the mind is the most powerful sex organ that we have. Yes, men are visual, but our eyesight ages over time. We see fewer flaws than we saw when we were younger. Other aspects of the relationship become more satisfying.

I think that I'm like many husbands out there: my wife is the sexiest creature and still lights my fire after 26 years of marriage and three kids. Her bottom gets a lot of my attention – in many ways :-) She presents it to me like the special treasure that it is.

I couldn't agree more, Sam. After 23 years of marriage my wife is still the sexiest thing alive to me. Certainly her making herself available to me and actively enticing me on a continual basis only adds to her allure. In many ways she is more attractive now even than when we were younger.