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Furthermore, sexual violence is not one-sided. There is a dynamic that exists between the men and women who experience and perpetrate intimate partner violence. Janay Rice married Ray Rice after he knocked her out in an elevator. Nicole Simpson remained with OJ Simpson for years despite his tendency to hit her. This is not because of the “patriarchy” or men in general. Given no-fault divorce laws and strong penalties for men who hit women, we can only conclude that these women chose violent men, and chose to stay with them despite the violence.

While this is unfortunate, ordinary men must not be forced to pay for these poor choices and criminal outliers.

And if there is any additional legislation on top of what we already have, ordinary men (and sometimes women) will be forced to pay.

How? As follows:

1) More liberal restraining orders kicking people out of their homes based on suspicion rather than proof

2) Stepped up, costly prosecutions based on flimsy or absent evidence. These can permanently destroy careers and families, whether the accused is guilty or not

3) Extortion in divorce based on threats of false accusations

4) More no-knock home-invasions by law enforcement, potentially resulting in dead men, pets and even women and children at the hands of pumped up, heavily-armed SWAT officers

On top of this, any legislation can only serve to swell the ranks of nosy feminist bureaucrats, who can and will abuse their power to wreck families and permanently damage children during their formative years.

Not all women are Janay Rice; not all men are Ray Rice. Comprehensive legislation that would treat us as such would be harmful and wrong.

The Palin family is in the news again for a dustup at a Wasilla house party, embarrassing themselves and Alaska yet again. This time, the fight was over a remark about Willow Palin, which triggered a brawl that involved young single mother Bristol throwing punches at a young man. The entire clan got into the fight, which ended with two of the Palin men injured (not seriously).