Brazilian Bossa Nova is an enchanting category of tunes that blossomed in sunny Brazil. Known for its smooth rhythms and recognizable guitar accompaniment, Bossa Nova mesmerizes the souls of melodies admirers worldwide.

The term "Bossa Nova" means "new trend" or "new wave" in the language of Brazil, and this genre of bossa nova lounge truly brought forth a original wave of sonic self-expression. Distinguished by its harmonic lack of complexity and song-like qualities, Bossa Nova has a serene quality that complements a wide range of harmonic settings.

Blending aspects from samba, Bossa Nova offers a mixture of sonic categories that speaks to audiences across the world. The mild guitar chords backing and chilled melodies create a amalgamation of harmonic tones, creating Bossa Nova a perfect accompaniment for moments of relaxation and meditation.

Listening to Bossa Nova melodies is evocative of going on a melodic trip to the seaside escapes of Brazil. The relaxed tunes and mesmerizing tempo evoke the lively imagery of gentle swaying palms and inviting drafts.