Play connect 4 intellectual game online
Connect 4 is a geometrically more complex version of the X-O game. The player's goal needs to be 4 horizontal/vertical/diagonal rows of the same color, however the connect 4 game is played as a drop, not a put, so the player needs to have visual thinking to find the moves. Make the right move to win this mind game.
connect 4 pieces of your color in a row, column or diagonal. The first person to connect four in a row wins in a row!
Pay attention to each horizontal, vertical, and diagonal row. You don't just
Make your plans but also pay attention to your tactics
Challenge yourself in this colorful and stimulating brain exercise.
- Easy to play with simple designs
- Play against computer opponents
- Easy, Medium, and Hard levels
- Pass and play with friends!
- Choose who makes the first move or randomly
- Custom themes with unique colored flags
- Choose a custom character as your avatar!
Game over
The first player places 4 pieces in a row in a row
Horizontal, vertical or diagonal wins. If the board is filled
full, but still no winner, two players considered a draw.