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When you want to find urban corruption today, the first place to look isn’t Italian mobsters and greedy Irish cops, but the “social justice” crew and their associated powerful backers. I’m convinced that nonprofits, which don’t have to disclose funding sources in most states, are the primary centers of political corruption in the US today. In the article I linked above, NARAL New York asked for and received an exemption from New York’s transparency laws, citing “threats.” I can unequivocally call bullshit on that one, because NARAL was the most aggressive door-to-door fundraiser in my old neighborhood, and the organization was exactly the opposite of timid. They were so bold that when one showed up at my door and I said that as a parent I thought the request was in extremely poor taste, and in any event disagreed with their stance on late-term abortion, the doorbeller just ignored me and started loudly talking over my shoulder to get my pregnant wife to give the organization money for pro-abortion efforts!

How could these people be “frightened?” As we see, even when citizens try to legislate transparency, the people involved in these organizations are so powerful that they can ignore the laws.

Now, it turns out that YouthCare , a Seattle youth homeless shelter run by a real butch type named Melinda Giovengo, has been confirmed to be hosting the illegals in two locations in Seattle. Doubtless there is some quid pro quo involved, which may or may not include the chance to woo winsome young Mayan mothers, but almost certainly involves federal cash. I looked up the other staff members, all of whom are women, and they are all feminist ideologues and profiteers. One of them is a DV counselor, which means she’s probably going to be providing “expert” recommendations to DHS on pending refugee/asylum cases these women and children will inevitably file (with publicly-funded lawyers). This is how Obama will avoid sending these kids home to their villages and families, despite his promise to do so. Just think of how many thousands of taxpayer dollars will be spent on each one of these illegals in legal fees, food, housing, professional services and education, and suddenly a “mere 60,000″ becomes a lot more significant. These border jumpers are going to be very, very expensive, but they will provide jobs and money to thousands of liberal Obama supporters.