Night Game Is Dead
Tonight, I had three specific sets into me (one set said I was cute, another asked me to stay with them, and another said that they liked guys that looked liked me), and I did not pull either one of them. I've been doing this for years, and I've been noticing that sets that hook have been less and less frequent, even if the girls were initially into me. I believe that there are two reasons for this:

1) A shitty economy (women aren't going out as often, but sex drives men to continue to go out, which makes the ratios ridiculous)

2) Unlimited/Cheap text messaging is common place now (it encourages women to only talk to their friends instead of meeting new people. How many women have you seen glued to their phones?).

Both of these factors have made night game irrelevant in most cities. If you're hoping to see any kind of successs now, then you will have to adapt to day game. It is nearly impossible to consistently pull anything decent during night game now. Adapt and survive or lay down and die.
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