Naked, anywhere, anytime?

This sounds like one to please the boys, not the girls.

Loisa May 31, 2009 at 9:44 am
The article isn’t for little ones, especially those offended by naked cuddles. More mature people, both ladies and men, would appreciate naked cuddles anywhere anytime so long as its legal.

Matthers L May 31, 2009 at 9:50 am
Lucinda, you can just print it out and give it to him, or better yet mail it to him by snail mail. He’ll get the picture. What’s important in a relationship is communication – and so you should let him know how you would like to be treated or what improvements he could make. Doesn’t matter if you let him know directly cos guys don’t take hints very well. With my current boyfriend and my ex, we were open with each other and often discussed these kind of things when the situation called for it and it works. All you need is commitment and communication.

Yeshwant G. Trasi December 11, 2009 at 11:02 am
Older Men are like fine old Wine, they become tastier & better with Age. Age is subjective, it is not Age what matters, it’s mileage – meaning Experiences, Successes & Failures and Maturity in general. The possibility to build a healthy relationship if the Age difference between partners is too big, it depends on the compatibility of the couple. Sex is a Skill and the best way to get better at it is practice of performance in developing one’s own technique of perfection by remembering the objective to make your woman have pleasure she will never forget and ask for it repeatedly. I believe in giving woman pleasure, if she desires, it is of course the greatest pleasure she will ever experience. Every true lover knows that the moment of greatest satisfaction comes when ecstasy is long over and he beholds before him the flower which has blossomed beneath his tender loving touch.
Ancient Indian texts such as the “KAMASUTRA” advocate the concept of “SAMBHOG” meaning “Equal Pleasure and Emphasize Sexual Equality and Mutuality”, even listing ways in which a man should satisfy a woman so that “Sexual Pleasure is a Happiness that is Shared”.Indeed without Sex, Humanity would cease to exist.

Yeah I think what you wrote here is correct or at least feels partially true.