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I think this is an insecurity issue. Who really asks their significant other how many they have had? Beyond health issues, I don't feel the need to ask for specifics. It is all about me at that point, why bring up past relationships? And for all you guys that think 5 is too many... how do you know how many she has had? People do lie, especially when being judged.... How many have I had? Well, I'm not done yet but as I'll have as many as it takes, thank you very much..:)
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Terry D. August 1, 2011 at 9:33 pm Reply
Bottom line is always the same - male insecurity. Until DNA testing became available, no man could ever be truly certain that he was the biological father of his children. For reasons of inheritance, succession, family pride and so on, knowing he was the father of his children had social and economic importance. Virginity upon marriage had value in that world and rightly so. We don't live in that world and our values are different, but we still want to know we are, or are not, DADDY. Jerry Springer and Morey make a living from this factoid. At one time, the more men a woman had intercourse with, the less likely it would be that you could feel comfortable in your fatherhood and the more likely it would be that your chums considered you a fool if you married her. On the other hand, that's not how things are today but the stigma carries forward at least for a while.

Sage August 9, 2011 at 4:52 pm Reply
I had read this article and also was angered by it spurring my own post. It's good we keep talking about it... the only way to make the stigma meaningless. Did you see that the GMP was doing their own survey now to combat the askmen one?
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Alex August 15, 2011 at 9:59 am Reply
For me it isn't about insecurity, it is about moral fiber and character. To me, anyone that has had many casual sexual encounters has a high likelyhood of having damaged their ability to respect sex as part of a committed relationship. I very deeply tie sex and love together, and frankly I don't believe someone that has used sex for casual pleasure can feel the same as I do on the subject. That would create an imbalance in the relationship that I feel could lead to a breakup. When I have sex with someone, I want to feel like we are both on the same page. I would gladly give up "wild, kinky, crazy" sex to be with someone that feels as I do. Unfortunetly there just aren't many women left that haven't ridden the merry-go-round of casual sex, which means I either suck it up and settle for less than I want, or go without a committed relationship. That being said, my ideal would be a women that has had previous committed relationships with sex, but no casual hookups. Wether she is "wild" or not doesn't matter as we can learn together.
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