The Chrome extension of Coinbase provides its users with a wide range of powerful features and benefits that make it a great choice for being used. With its convenient access to dApps (decentralized applications), seamless integration with the Coinbase wallet enhanced security features, and support for the popular ERC-20 tokens, its users can enjoy a user-friendly and secure experience.

The Coinbase wallet can be used on Chrome with the help of its Coinbase extension. If you have installed the Chrome browser then this process becomes easier and you can quickly add Coinbase wallet extension to Chrome within a few minutes.
MetaMask? extension is available a mobile app that lets the user store and swap cryptocurrency and interact with Ethereum. Earlier, the MetaMask? was only available as an extension but later with time, the company decided to launch it in the form of a mobile app also, compatible with both Android and iOS.

You can simply add the network which MetaMask? supports by selecting your preferred network from the list prompted after clicking on the network selector button.
Metamask Extension
Metamask Login With Password

For enhancing your Coinbase account security, we suggest you enable two-factor authentication for Coinbase sign in. As soon as you enable this feature on your account, you will be sent a login code as and when you try to sign into your Coinbase account.

1inch is a decentralized aggregator, which means that there is no third party involved to look after the activities of this platform. The platform has also launched a crypto wallet to ensure that its investors won’t face any trouble in managing and organizing their digital funds.

Bitso is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitso specializes in the fields of bitcoin, fintech, and blockchain. Its platform enables its users to make payments using their mobile and other devices. Bitso was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Mexico City, Distrito Federal. is a new cryptocurrency exchange that wants to make cryptocurrency trading accessible to everyone, even if they don't know much about has over 100 million users worldwide and has been in operation since November 2018.

Metamask Password area after choosing "Security & Privacy" from there. Enter both your old and new passwords twice, starting with your current one. To confirm the update, click "Change Password" one last time.

Using the Coinbase Wallet Extension, you can import any Ethereum-based wallet you may have created with a different service provider, such as MetaMask?, Trust Wallet, and others. You can even import your Coinbase Wallet Extension from your mobile device and use it with the browser extension.