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that is made for the lowest common denominator, you will believe that this is how women are. Likewise, if you watch stuff like the Jerry Springer show in America you will think no one could possibly have a good relationship, and that everyone is a vicious harpy out to tear down friends, relatives and neighbors.

In real life however...

I do not know or associate with ANY women who have nothing better to do with the brains God gave them than to complain about how some other woman looks. As for men complaining about "all that makeup" a woman wears, let her just leave it off and hear them crab that she looks old and worn out. Men generally have no clue when a woman is wearing makeup or enhancers of any kind.

The media is not always market driven. They also wish to create a need. You create a need for expensive clothes and beauty products by making women feel insecure about their looks, weight, etc. Then you sell them the magic solution.

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Nov 8 - 21:58 | reply to this comment
Self Image
I do seem to share some of KR's opinion. C being comfortable with and (as a result) having a good self image and the confidence that arises from that are to my mind very important to me. Not neccessarily for our relationship, rather for her well being and happiness.

My reason for spanking her on that occasion was that she had sunk into a state of mind that said "But I don't look like a supermodel / women on TV, I'm fat, how can you find me sexy and attractive, I'm horrible!". Not good.

I really don't like the way women are being conditioned by the media that unless they look like "x" then they're wrong.