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I met the girl I love through my good friend. They are kind of like best friend(sisters) relationship. We’ve been dating for the first week and then things went wrong. Jealousies between began and I had no idea that it would happen since they are best friend for so many years. And I don’t which side to choose at that time so I choose to be neutral altogether.
Then things moved so fast that we spent our daily life together after work. I mean 7 days per week together although we both have our own apartment. I’m 32 yrs old and she’s 28 so we thought we are ready to commit and was talking about marriage. One day (three weeks together), bam!! she’s pregnant. At that time, we sat down and talk it out and decide whether to keep it or get married. Due to the time being together and a lot of things to be taken into consideration. We decided to let it go (it hurts us so bad). After one month being together, things went from bad to worst as the topic between jealousy heated up. Once again her best friend was in our spotlight. And that time, she was contact with her ex (due to insecurity or revenge) I’m not sure why she kept it secret from me.
So finally, we were entering 2 months of our relationship and then she believes that our relationship was beyond repair and she wants to give up. On the 19th August, our 2 month anniversary she broke up with me at a coffee shop. She told me that she did love me before and not anymore. She said she can be my friend if i want to and also not to hurt myself(which i find it shocked). She always think I was the needy and weak in our relationship which is true…sad but true. That I’m not a happy person with no confidence. We broke up in peace.
3 days after break up, I went for an interview for a better job(fingers crossed) and I’m trying to feed myself with confidence and stay healthy. I want to prove to her that people can change if there’s a will. I did NC with her for few days, when she texted me and I’d just doing the mirror of her and stay cool.
She still follow up with my life asking me how was the interview but I keep my cool, again limiting my words when texting her but didn’t sound cold at the same time. She has things(make up and clothes) and key to my apartment. She texted me if she have my permission to come up to my apartment and pick it up but not in one day(too heavy) so maybe few visits. I told her that it’s up to her but then I’d changed my mind and told her that I can bring her stuffs to her instead and she agreed.
Yesterday, she texted me saying that she wants to meet me and do the exchange tomorrow. I’ve waited few minutes and reply her that I’m busy so postpone it to next week and again, she’s ok with it. I’m trying to avoid seeing her because I might say something that I’ll regret like asking her back into my life.
Dr. George, what should I do because we are meeting next week? I’ve read your “how to get ur ex back” and UST but I just don’t know whats next. I really want to give the relationship a try.
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