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I’ve gone out with a lot of different wings this year. Not all of them are listed in the Wingmen category on the sidebar, because hell sometimes I was out with a group of 9 or 10 different guys, so I didn’t bother to pay attention to what most of them were doing (which was most likely nothing except standing around, drinking a beer).

After reading Rookie’s post the other day, I realized that a wing really can make or break you sometimes.

Also, VK has stressed before the importance of having a solid team.

Well, it’s something that got me thinking…. who really is my best wing?

I used to think it was B Dubs, because hell, to be honest when I got into this shit I wanted to be more like him. Before I had really practiced gaming, the couple of times I went out with him – he wasn’t scared to approach, he’d try goofy openers on girls, he’d hit on girls of all races, he’d be in the back of the club making out with chicks, and he almost fucked this Asian chick in the bathroom at one of the bars once.

This was all before I started to practice my game. When I was just the guy standing there with my beer watching him do his thing and wonder, how does he do it? Why am I not having the same kind of luck?

So, once I did start gaming and this blog, I initially thought B Dubs was sure to be my best wing. He lived in another city at the time though, so him and I going out together was a rarity. At first, when it was just us, I still saw him as someone I could learn from and it seemed fine. But, once he did move back to the city I was in and we started to go out in larger groups – I saw his pitfalls. He was selfish, which really made him a lesser wing. If you had a better shot at a chick than he did, he’d get pissed off sometimes, and wouldn’t feel too bad about fucking it up for you. He’d try to outgame you and go after the same chick as you. I would hate it when I’d isolate a chick from her friends only to have him pop up out of nowhere and jump into our conversation. Bro, what the fuck are you doing?

He took the easy way out a lot of times too and after awhile I became better at approaching girls in bars and nightclubs than he was, which flipped the script and had him looking up to me rather than the other way around. He also had an attitude problem. If a girl blew him off, sometimes he’d turn into an ass and want to cuss her out. I’ve seen him do this to flakes too…”Yeah, she was supposed to meet me on Wednesday, then I never heard from her again, so I text her Thursday and told her to go fuck herself and that she sucks at life.” Smh…. bro…. I had to tell him, “yeah, that was pointless. All that’s going to do is make her laugh and be like ‘Well, I’m glad I blew him off, he’s clearly unstable’”.

Need less to say… B Dubs isn’t the great wing I once thought he was….

Who is? Shuttlesworth?

Initially, I respected Shuttlesworth a lot. He wasn’t scared to approach. I heard stories about him getting a lot of numbers during Spring Break and then calling all of them until he found chicks to come back to the hotel. He put his work in. He was also a good wing. He didn’t step on toes, and if I went after a two-set, he’d always hold the other chick down even if she was fat and ugly and let me work my target. Shuttlesworth is a pretty solid wing, but he also has a few pitfalls.

He smokes too much weed. You never know how social he’s going to be on any given night, because you never know what or how much he smoked beforehand – this easily created inconsistency from him when it came to approaching. It also led to him getting the munchies and wanting to leave the club/bar scene early in order to go to Ihop on occasion.

But the biggest complaint I have about Shuttlesworth is I believe his ego cost me a notch one night. We had gotten phone numbers of two girls in a two set who were only in town for one night. I thought I had a good shot at fucking and he probably could have gotten the other chick too, but my chick’s phone died and he was too stubborn to call his chick. ”I’m not calling her, I told her to call me.” Bro, what the fuck?!? They’re only in town tonight!! They live far as fuck away! Just fucking call her! But, he refused, and they left town the next day and we missed out….

I still never really got over that.

Now, in my current town. I honestly haven’t gone out too much with anybody in particular, but I do have Fiasco, Levi and Nickle here.

Let’s break them down from what I do know.

Fiasco is too passive on approaching. He’d rather run into girls he went to school with or knows from his social circle and game them by just letting them recognize that he’s lost weight and dresses better than he used too. He’s also generally just too nice to women and not enough of an asshole. Too white-knightish for my taste. When the shit doesn’t even matter. ”Willy Wonka, I think you offended her, tone it down a little…” Fuck that…. I don’t give a fuck if she goes home and cries herself to sleep tonight… why should you? He has potential, but he has a lot to learn.

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